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Personal Banking

Standard Bank continues to serve you with a range of personal banking products and solutions.

Need quick and easy banking?

Dial *247# from your mobile phone and transfer money, pay bills, Check balance and many more options.

Personal Banking Solutions For You
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Private Banking

Standard Bank Private Banking is designed to perfectly suit your needs by giving you the personal attention you want and deserve. This exceptional offering integrates quality banking and wealth advisory services seamlessly with your lifestyle.

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Pay Day Loan

Get up to 40% of your monthly salary to give you financial relief in case of emergency. This interest free-loan is tailored to meet the needs of customers who require short term financing.

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247 Online

247 Online is an Internet banking platform that gives you access to your personal and business accounts online anytime, anywhere. It's the perfect way to do most of your banking when you are home, office or traveling because the service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Internet banking gives you the freedom to choose your own banking hours giving you greater control of your money. It's secure, fast and easy to use. You can transact on all accounts that are linked to your main account. You can also view statements and make bill payments.

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Contract Save Account

Contract Save is an affordable, disciplined savings plan that can be tailored to suit your specific needs. It is ideal if you want to save for big future expenses like the deposit on a house, a wedding ceremony, school fees, or to top up your retirement savings. A monthly stop order is required from your main account into the contract save account to ensure that the account has money throughout the period. This ensures that you save regularly over a period of time, without giving in to the temptation to spend your savings.

Pure Save 2024

Accumulate extra income and build up your cash reserves with a PureSave account. Interest earned on a this savings account is higher than a regular current account, which means your money grows faster, helping you to reach your financial goals more quickly. Your funds are available on demand and you can deposit any amount at any time. Interest is paid on a tiered basis meaning that the interest rate increases as your balance increases – so the more you save, the more you earn

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Car Insurance

This is a Motor vehicle comprehensive insurance that provides cover for accidental loss or damage to your car, including fire and theft. It also covers legal liability to third parties.

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