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Standard Bank electronic channels allow you to bank securely at any given time of the day

Self Service Banking

When you open an account with Standard Bank, you will be required to register on our digital platforms. These platforms will give you access to your money and other banking services 24 hours a day.

Self Service Banking Options
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247 Mobile

You can send money to anyone, pay your utility bills, get a Quickash voucher using any mobile phone without any need for data. All you have to do is simply dial *247# to get started.

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247 App

The Standard Bank App allows you to bank anywhere, anytime. The Mobile App is easy to use, giving you more time to do things that are more important to you. through this app, you can pay your water bill, buy electricity, Apply for a secondary account and manage all your existing standard Bank account as you relax at home.

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247 ATM

You can do more on the ATM other than just withdrawing cash. Deposit cash, pay bills and buy airtime outside banking hours.

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247 Online

247 Online is an Internet banking platform that gives you access to your personal and business accounts online anytime, anywhere. It's the perfect way to do most of your banking when you are home, office or traveling because the service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Internet banking gives you the freedom to choose your own banking hours giving you greater control of your money. It's secure, fast and easy to use. You can transact on all accounts that are linked to your main account. You can also view statements and make bill payments.

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Quickash is an easy way of sending money to anyone in Malawi for as long as they have an active mobile number. The sender needs to be a Standard Bank account holder with 247 Online, *247#, or enterprise online from which to generate the payment. The recipient does not need to have an account as all they will need is an active mobile phone number. When redeeming the money from an ATM, the recipient will not need a card. All they will do is press the Quickash button on the Standard Bank ATM. Sending Quickash costs MK480 only but withdrawing Quickash on our ATMs is free of charge Quickash can also be used as a cardless withdrawal solution. If you have forgotten your card and you need money from our ATM, just send it to you number and you can withdraw on any Standard Bank ATM.

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Cash Deposit Machine

A Cash deposit Machine (CDM) is an automated self-service solution, which allows you to deposit money into any valid Standard Bank account. It allows an easy and convenient way to deposit money taking the hassle out of visiting a branch. Currently the machines are available in Mzuzu, Lilongwe Branch, Capital City branch, City Mall, Blantyre Branch, Ginnery Corner, Chichiri Mall and Zomba branch. Every CDM Room has instructions on how to deposit cash and how to clear any notes that have jammed.