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BOL to Wallet

Welcome to a world of convenient payments. Business Online to wallet transaction enable you to send money from your Corporate Account, directly to mobile wallets. It is simply better for payments. Use it for social cash transfers, allowance disbursements, payment of wages and more.

Some of the benefits


Two-factor authentication for all payments.


Pay up to 10 000 beneficiaries in one click.


Funds reflect in wallets within 5 minutes.


The more you transact, the less you pay.
Key Benefits

Effortless payments – send money to beneficiaries without a bank account, those in hard-to-reach areas, in just a click.

Enhanced security – our two-factor authentication provides a trusted maker-checker process for a worry-free payment environment.

Real time transaction – enjoy swift processing, with transactions completed within 5 minutes.

Bulk Payment Processing – you can pay up to 10 000 beneficiaries at once.

Tailored Reporting – receive transaction reports tailored to your needs.

Error Resolution – seamlessly handle errors with automatic refunds on unpaid transactions.

Tiered pricing – enjoy price discounts the more you transact in a month.

How it works
  • Login
  • Click on funds transfer, then click on create payment.
  • Select Account number you are paying from.
  • Insert debit reference and click on Import transactions.
  • Click on Browse, select the bulk BOL2MOBILE payments CSV file and click on Import.
  • When the transactions appear in the tab, click on Submit.
  • Payments successfully created and will follow through the authorization process.

The pricing is charged monthly and it is tiered per number of a transactions made from your account in that month.

  • MK650 per transaction for transactions less than 1000 a month
  • MK 550 per transaction for transactions more than 1000 a month
How to get it

Send us an email at [email protected] or simply call 248. Alternatively you can engage your Relationship manager.