Bring a Girl Child to Work

22 Sep 2017

The aim of the initiative is to expose the young girl learners to the “world of work” and the wide range of career opportunities that are in store for them upon completion of their education and allow them to interact with career role models. This campaign inspires girls to achieve their goals and ambitions and make them to spire to be more in life.

Through this program, Standard Bank will host 100 learners from Standard Bank 6 to form 4.

Despite advances in legislation, the majority of women in Malawi still suffer from gender inequality as they lack the skills to make them economically independent. Women remain under-represented in the formal economy, and more so in corporate leadership positions. Additionally, there are challenges and constraints faced by girls face hindering them from finishing their education.

Bring the girl child to work initiative has been put in place to achieve to inspire young girls to think about the future they want for themselves, create awareness towards the Challenges the girl child faces and most of all it is a practical way to encourage girls to strive for excellence, dream big, have a story, self-esteem and know that nothing is impossible.

We believe that the benefits of what will be shared on this day will be far reaching in the she will impact her community