Private banking wealth offering

Private Banking aligns with and accesses the resources of Standard Bank Group’s integrated international financial services network.

Through the Group’s Structured Products division, we can offer clients the ability to invest into specific markets and currencies without risk to their capital.

The two key products on offer are:

Quantum Range*

  • The term is over 12 months and 5 years (half the funds are available after 12 months with the second half maturing 5 years from date of investment)
  • Capital protected on both amounts by Standard Bank
  • The ability to earn preferential interest on both portions
  • Linked to market performance on the upside, on the downside your capital is protected

  • Protected Return Deposit*

  • The term is generally over 3 to 3 and a half years
  • Capital is again protected by Standard Bank
  • The return is driven by market performance


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