Building Loan

You can own a decent home in under 3 months with Standard Bank building loan. The houses are eco friendly made from Durabric.

What is it?

Standard Bank in partnership with 14 Trees offers tailor-made Durabrick homes for our customers under mortgage. We take construction management off our customers’ hands and build: on time, on budget and in good quality.

Standard Bank offers 100% financing on the construction cost of the house. Excluding cost of land acquisition, however customer may access a personal loan to acquire land.

The facility later converted to a mortgage with a maximum of 20 years tenure upon completion. All other requirements, terms and parameters of mortgage will apply.

 Payments will be made straight to the Contractor (14 Trees). Asset and life protection cover - Home Owners Comprehensive Cover and Home Loan Protection Plan will be required to protect you or the property against loss.

What are the benefits?

  1. It is cheaper compared to buying an existing unit especially for those who already have land
  2. It gives flexibility of having house finished to one’s taste
  3. You could tailor your house to fit within your budget
  4. Allows you control over cost overruns as the house is finished within a shorter period of time than standard construction time if you were doing it by yourself

How can I access?

  1. All eligible customers should have existing accounts with Standard Bank and the account should have operated with consistent salary flows for a minimum of (6) months.  
  2. For new to bank customers at least 1 salary payment with proof of 6 months constant salary at prior bank
  3. Employers’ letters of undertaking will be required.
  4. Customer to have a clean account track record as well as clean Credit Reference Bureau record
  5. Proof of income and proof of residence

Documents Required

  • Latest pay slip/proof of income
  • A letter of reference and undertaking from employer
  • Copy of employment contract, if employed on contract.
  • Copies of 6 months bank statements (for new customers)
  • A copy of identity card
  • Duly executed insurance forms (provided by the bank)
  • Title Document  (Indenture, Conveyance, Title deed, Certificate of Title)
  • Rates & Rent Clearance
  • Signed Contract with the Bank.
  • Valuation report (renewable after 3 years)
  • Approved building and structural drawings
  • Land Valuation Report, not older than 3 months
  • Completed Building Application Document (The Bank will provide the document)
  • Formal application letter to the Bank seeking finance.
  • Any utility bill for Water or Electricity (obtained within 3 months)


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