Mtendere Funeral Plan

The Standard Bank Mtendere Funeral Plan offers you peace of mind in knowing that you and your loved ones will be laid to rest with dignity and respect. With an affordable monthly premium we guarantee cover of up to MK1, 300,000 for you and your family when it is needed most. We also offer an optional cover for your extended family and parents in law for a low additional monthly premium.

What does it offer me

For only MK1, 400.00 per month, cover will be provided on death of the policyholder or a member of his family according to the following benefit scales:


Assured member Benefits payable

Assured member Benefits payable
Main member






Children up to age 24(Maximum of 6 children)




For additional premium of MK216.00 per head (Parents and parents in law max 4)




Other dependants (max of 4) MK216per head MK170,000


Premiums shall be waived on the death of the Principal Member provided that the policy has been in force for a period of twenty four (24) months with all twenty four (24) monthly premiums paid. The benefit will be paid for a period of twelve (12) months and can only be claimed once. No additional persons are covered and no increase in benefits may take place while premiums are being waived.

Waiting period

• Where death is as a result of natural causes then there is a three (3) months waiting period with three (3)monthly premiums paid.

• Where death is as a result of an accident, then the benefit will be paid provided one (1) month’s premium has been paid.

• Where death is as a result of suicide, benefits will only be paid if the policy has been in force for twenty four (24) months with twenty four (24) monthly premiums paid.

Claim can be made at any Standard Bank Branch and the benefits will be paid within 48 hours provided all relevant documentation has been submitted and approved.


Who can apply

Anyone under the age of 65 with any Standard Bank transactional or savings account.

There is no need for you to have any medical examination to join. After 5 years of not claiming under the policy, the policyholder shall be entitled to one (1) year premium back.

Visit any Standard Bank branch to apply.


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