An overdraft is a fluctuating loan facility that is individually tailored to meet the needs of customers who require short term finance for working capital purposes, making it the ideal way to manage your cash flow.


Working Capital Loan

Use a Working capital loan to supplement the short term financing of your business objectives.


Business Revolving Credit Loan

Business revolving credit plan offers Business Banking customers a line of credit that can be used when required.


Commercial Property Loan

A Commercial property loan is a medium- to long-term loan specifically designed to fund, re-finance and/or enhance non-residential property.


Business Term Loan

We offer Business term loans to support your business in achieving its long-term financial goals. The Business term loan is used to fund fixed assets, capital expenditure including venture costs.


Medium Term Loan

The Standard Bank Medium term loan is a loan granted for a fixed period, normally three to seven years and has a predetermined repayment pattern which is matched to customer’s business cash flows


Vehicle and Asset Finance

Our Vehicle and Asset Finance Specialised Finance are leaders in the asset finance industry by providing team expertise relating to the structuring and administration of specialised transactions.

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